London panorama, from original photo by DAVID ILIFF (licence: CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Presenting at EVA London 2017

We will be delighted to welcome you to the EVA London conference.

If you are presenting a paper or demonstration, please please carefully read the page For speakers and demonstrators for information about speaking, presenting or demonstrating at the conference.

Please note that your presentation or demonstration must take no longer than 20 minutes. Time limits are strictly adhered to. If you want to invite questions you must allow time within the 20 minutes.

If you have questions about the venue or the technology, please contact us.

For speakers and demonstrators


Timeslots for speakers are 20 minutes. This includes setup and questions. You would not want to find you have only 5 minutes because others have overrun, so please make absolutely sure your presentation fits in the allocated time. Session chairs will be sticking strictly to time, so please help them achieve this.

Research Workshop

The Research Workshop is a relaxed, informal event. However, it is still very important that you keep to your allotted time slot, as there is a very full programme. Slots will also be 20 minuts, with 15 minutes to speak / present, followed by 5 minutes Q&A / discussion.

  • Please practice beforehand to make sure you keep to time; it’s not fair on those that follow if you overrun.
  • Because we have such a full programme, please bring your presentation on a USB memory stick or a CD or DVD, not on your own laptop.
  • If you use a Mac to make your presentation do make sure that you save images first in the JPEG format. Native Mac images don’t show on a PC. If possible run it first on a PC to make sure.


Demonstrations have the same importance as more conventional papers. Each demonstrator has specific time slot in a room suitable for demonstrations including audience interaction.

  • Demonstrations are a distinctive feature of EVA London. Instead of a conventional talk with slides you would offer an interactive demonstration of a technology or a project: a ‘show and tell’ session where delegates cluster around and ask questions. Ideally, you would bring physical objects or apparatus to be shown and demonstrated, or passed around.
  • It is very important that you send in your technical requirements by the deadline for this.
  • As for papers, you must keep to the 20 minute timeslot.

Our facilities and technology

Standard equipment

There will be a LCD projector connected to a conference laptop PC, audio connection, internet access, and Bluetooth pointing device.

Wherever possible we would prefer to transfer your presentation file onto the host computer. If your presentation is straightforward to run on any PowerPoint equipped machine, please bring it on a USB memory stick and load it onto the conference machine well ahead of the time for your presentation.

Other requirements

  • However, if your presentation uses or includes anything other than straightforward PowerPoint, i.e. special media, such as video, Flash, QuickTime, audio, etc, or a Keynote presentation, it is best to bring your own laptop with the presentation set up.
  • Mac users are welcome – if you plan to run your presentation on the conference machine, do check it on a PC and make sure the images are in a Windows readable format (e.g. not .tiff).

If you plan to use anything other than a presentation on a USB stick that can be pre-loaded onto the conference computer, please reply as soon as possible to the letter or email you will have been sent. If you have not yet received a letter or email, please email as soon as possible.