Key Dates

Key Dates: EVA London 2022 Conference

Thursday 26th August 2021, 10:30: Organisation committee meeting (on Zoom)

Wednesday 27th October 2021: Call for Proposals for EVA London 2022

Tuesday 30th November 2021, 14:00-17:00: Committee meeting (hybrid, on
Zoom and at Moorgate)

Monday 10th January 2022: Deadline for Proposals, Peer Review process
begins. Peer Review Comments and Grades (Deadline is 1st February 2022)

Tuesday 1st February 2022: Peer Review Comments and Grades Deadline

Thursday 3rd February 2022, Times TBA: Committee meeting Submissions Selection (on Zoom and/or at Moorgate TBA)  N.B. May start earlier if at Moorgate

Thursday 10th February 2022: Proposers notified of the Selection Committee’s decisions

Thursday 10th February 2022: Call for any additional Research Workshop Proposals
by Graham Diprose

Thursday 24th February 2022: Final Deadline for Research Workshop Applications

Thursday 3rd March 2022: Decisions announced on Research Workshop

Wednesday 9th March 2022: Deadline for changes to titles/abstracts in light of reviewers’ comments

Wednesday 16th March 2022: Deadline for final submission of Formatted
Papers for Proceedings and signed Licences to Publish forms

Thursday 17th March 2022, Times TBA: Committee meeting (on Zoom and/or at Moorgate TBA): Programme Drafting

Thursday 24th March 2022: Deadline for submission of formatted Research Workshop papers

[Note: Easter Sunday is 17th April 2022]

Monday 25th April 2022: Registration and Publication Fees for Authors and all other Delegates for EVA London, July 2021 opens

Draft programme published online  Date TBA

TBD – June 2022 Times TBA: Committee meeting (on Zoom and/or at Moorgate TBA)

TBD – June 2022 Times TBA: Technical run through (on Zoom and/or at Moorgate TBA)

Friday 1st July 2022 EVA London 2022 Registration closes

Monday 4th July 2022: EVA London 2021 Conference opens (planned as hybrid online and at BCS Moorgate) [Detailed Programme to follow]

Friday 8th July 2022: EVA London Conference 2022 closes

Note: All EVA London Key Dates up to our Conference in July 2022 may be subject to alterations through various directives beyond our control.