Instructions for authors

Springer book stand at EVA London 2023

Springer book stand at EVA London 2023

Note: This information is for accepted papers. See also proposal information.

Papers accepted for EVA London 2024 will be published both in the bound colour proceedings (with ISBN and ISSN 1477-9358) that delegates can order and also in the online open-access proceedings (with individual DOIs for each paper).

Deadlines and submission

The deadline for submitting an accepted paper for publication is Friday 15th March 2024.

The deadline must be strictly observed. You must use the files provided at the bottom of this page to prepare your paper. Upload your final paper to the EVA London 2024 EasyChair system using the same account/submission number as your original submission. You should log in as an “author” and submit using the “Upload new version” link at the top right, which may need horizontal scrolling if you are in a narrow window.

You must also sign and return an EVA 2024 eWiC Licence to Publish form. All authors must submit a licence with their paper manuscript, preferably by completing the fillable PDF form with a “signature” inserted in the form or by printing the form, completing and scanning it ideally as a new PDF file. This should be included with your paper in a ZIP file on EasyChair. Without this signed form, your paper cannot be published. See the instructions on the form.

Preparing your paper

The files referred to here can also be downloaded from the list at the bottom of this page.

It is essential that you prepare your paper following the style and format given in these documents. It is very important to read carefully and follow:

Options for paper formats are as follows:

  • Full paper presenters and “paper & demo” presenters should prepare a full 3-8 page paper using the EVA London 2024 full paper template Word document
  • Short paper, demo only, and Research Workshop presenters should prepare a short paper consisting of 1-2 pages of text and images using the EVA London 2024 short paper template Word document.
  • Panel session, workshop, and tutorial presenters can optionally prepare a short or long paper (1-8 pages).

Important: Please use the relevant Word template as a starting point for your paper and replace the sample text with that for your paper by copying unformatted text and/or setting the Word style, so that you are using only the required “ewic” styles (e.g., “ewic-Body”, etc.). If you have never used custom Word styles before, please read this guidance on applying styles. All text in your paper should be in one of the “ewic-…” styles in the template (e.g., “EWIC-HEADER 1”, not “Header 1”, etc.), as appropriate. You can also check the instructions in the eWiC Information for Authors.

Please compress all images to print quality (e.g., c.200 dpi) to keep the file size manageable. Do a basic spelling and grammar check using the Word red/green underlines. British English spelling is preferred. All final papers must be submitted with a completed signed (though fillable PDF or scanned) eWiC Licence to Publish form. Use “EVA London 2024 Conference” as the conference on the form.

You are advised to take account of the reviewers’ comments, which have been sent to you via the EasyChair system. Accepted papers will be edited before publication, but please make sure that grammar and spelling are correct, as it is not possible for the editors to do extensive editing and your paper may be rejected for this reason.

Submission is via the EasyChair system as an “author” under:
Please submit a “ZIP” file including the following three files:

  1. Your Word paper named “nnnn_Lastname.docx” where “nnnn” is your Easychair paper number and “Lastname” is the last name of the main author.
  2. A matching PDF version of the paper named “nnnn_Lastname.pdf” for checking by the editors.
  3. A PDF copy of the completed Licence to Publish form, signed with a real or scanned signature by at least one co-author, named “nnnn_form.pdf“.

You can update your submission as often as you wish before the submission deadline.

Papers will be reviewed by the editors soon after the submission deadline and a final decision made to publish or not. Occasionally it may not be possible to publish a paper, for a variety of reasons, including incorrect formatting. In particular, please do not use Google Docs for editing, since this strips out all the Word “style” information. If we do not receive a suitable paper, we will still very much welcome a presentation at the conference.

Presenting and registering

Please carefully read the information and instructions provided in our presenting guidance page.

At least one speaker per paper is expected to register for the conference. Registration information will be available in May 2024.

We regret that EVA and the BCS cannot supply letters of invitation or support.

Guidelines and templates

PDF icon EVA London 2024 Author Guidelines
MS Word icon EVA London 2024 template for long paper
MS Word icon EVA London 2024 template for short paper
PDF icon EVA London 2024 eWic Licence to Publish
PDF icon eWiC Information for Authors