Proposing for EVA London 2024

Graham Diprose discussing the EVA London 2023 proceedings

Graham Diprose discussing the EVA London 2023 proceedings

Proposals may be for a long (8-page) or short (2-page) paper, a paper with demo (8 pages), a demonstration (2 pages), a panel discussion (up to 8 pages), a longer workshop, or tutorial, and should be related to at least one of the conference themes. The main deadline for proposals is Monday 15th January 2024, while the deadline for research workshop proposals (mainly for postgraduate students and unaffiliated digital artists, by email to Graham Diprose on is Thursday 28th February 2024. See author instructions for paper templates if you wish to use the EVA London paper style from the start (and this is recommended!). This will be required for accepted proposals.

Proposals are to be submitted via the EasyChair website as an “Author” and “make a new submission” at the following URL:

Please note the following:

  • Please submit a summary proposal of up to 400 words in text form, together with a draft of the paper in PDF for full “long” paper proposals. Additional information in PDF is optional for all submissions except full “long” paper proposals where an initial draft paper is required, ideally in the standard EVA London double-column eWiC style. See author instructions for EVA London paper templates.
  • Authors of all proposals selected for EVA London 2024 will be invited to submit a completed paper for publication in the proceedings. Proposals are peer-reviewed and submitted papers will be copyedited for publication (both physical and digital). Some presentations may be published as summaries. Papers must be in an appropriate form to be accepted. Further information will be provided in due course.
  • There will be a publication package to cover the cost of open access for papers online. There will also be a registration cost for attendance for at least the presenter(s). Precise registration costs have yet to be determined and will depend on if attending online or in person (assuming the latter will be possible). Note that a number of bursaries for EVA London registration fees are made available each year (please note that we cannot offer assistance with travel or accommodation costs) for presenters without affiliation or funding support. The application process for bursaries will be announced in Spring 2024.
  • We regret that EVA cannot supply letters of invitation or support.

Further details of post-proposal deadlines are available in the EVA London 2024 key dates list for further details of deadlines. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding submissions.


Papers will be presented in 20-minute slots (either in plenary sessions or in parallel, with 15 minutes allocated for the talk itself) and be associated with a publication of a 3-8 page “long” paper in the proceedings. At least one author must register for the presentation of the paper. Paper presentations will be online using Zoom or if possible in person at the BCS London offices. Papers submitted as a “long paper” may be accepted as 1-2 page “short” papers for the proceedings, if a draft PDF paper is missing or lacking in the proposal. Submission as a “short” paper proposal is possible without a draft paper.


Demonstrations can be presented physically, although online demonstrations will also be possible. These will be in 10 or 20-minute slots or if essential combination with a paper in a 30-minute slot. Proposals are invited and should be submitted in outline as for papers, above. However, we will not expect detailed demo requirements until nearer the conference, to allow time for development. For publication, you will be able to provide a 1-2 page “short” paper describing the demo if not associated with a long paper. At least one author must register for the presentation of the demonstration.

Panel sessions, workshops, and tutorials

Proposals for panel sessions, workshops and tutorials are welcome. Please note the following:

  • panel session would normally consist of two or more panel members who each make brief presentations or statements, followed by a discussion with the audience. We will look for panel sessions that we judge to be of wide interest to the EVA London audience and which would stimulate and engage the audience. Panel sessions last 30 minutes with an optional associated paper of 1-8 pages (i.e., a short or long paper). A draft paper should be included if a long paper is planned. Note that all panel members must register unless agreed otherwise. A panel session may be physical, online, or both.
  • workshop should be a practical session or coordinated set of presentations and would normally be delivered as a 90-minute or 120-minute session, although this is flexible. Note that all workshop presenters must register unless agreed otherwise. An optional associated short paper of 1-2 pages can appear in the proceedings or information in a joint paper covering several workshops, edited by the workshop chairs, is also possible. A workshop may be physical, online, or both.
  • tutorial is similar to a workshop but is more didactic in nature and may be associated with the EVA London mentoring initiative.

Research Workshop

Held on one or two days of the EVA London conference depending on the number of accepted submissions, the Research Workshop is an opportunity for postgraduate students and unaffiliated artists to present their work and share research work in progress in an informal and supportive setting. The EVA London 2024 Research Workshop is planned for one (perhaps two) afternoon(s) during the conferenceA Research Workshop proposal is for a 15-minute presentation (in a 20-minute slot) on your ideas, plans or initial results (with a few minutes for questions and discussion). Accepted Research Workshop presenters can attend free on the day of the presentation. A written submission of up to two pages may be incorporated in a joint paper edited by the Research Workshop organiser. A separate paper may be possible by arrangement with and at the discretion of the organiser, at an additional charge.

The deadline for Research Workshop proposals is 28th February 2024 by email to the Research Workshop organiser, Graham Diprose. Note that some proposals for the main conference may be accepted for the Research Workshop instead.

Sponsorship and marketing

There are opportunities for organisations to support an aspect of the conference such as the proceedings publication, a reception or bursaries for delegates, or to market services or products, some only appropriate at the physical conference location. For example:

  • Conference pack insertions
    Cost: £150+ VAT per insert
    100 copies are required a few weeks ahead of time.
  • A manned tabletop/stand to display or sell materials in the conference breakout area
    Cost: £150 + VAT per day (includes conference attendance for one person)
  • A demonstration or presentation of software or other products in the lecture room
    Cost: £150 + VAT per day (includes conference attendance for one person)
  • Sponsoring a bursary to cover registration costs for artists or others to attend the conference
    Cost: £180 + VAT for each 2-day bursary. Sponsors will be prominently acknowledged in the current conference literature.
  • Displaying materials on an unmanned tabletop/stand in the conference breakout area
    Cost: £90 + VAT per day

Please contact BCS below if you are interested in any of these options:
Member Groups Coordinator
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
3 Newbridge Square, Swindon SN1 1BY, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1793 417 417 | Direct Dial: +44 (0) 1793 417 566