Registering for EVA London 2023

Registration for EVA London 2023 was open from May 2023 until the conference and is now closed. Online booking was through Eventbrite. In-person attendance registration ended on 7 July 2023 and online attendance registration ended on 10 July 2023.

EVA London 2023 was a hybrid event, physically at the BCS London office, and online using Zoom Meeting for the main conference and potentially other technologies for some associated events. If you have a special requirement for combining physical and online attendance, please contact Graham Diprose on

With registration, it is possible to order the printed EVA London 2023 proceedings, in full colour, for posting or collection at the conference. Authors need to pay a fee for open-access publication of their papers too.

Registered delegates received Zoom and other links for accessing the conference sessions, specifically for the main conference presentations, via email. Information on the EVA London 2023 programme is available online.

There was separate (free) registration for some associated events and workshops, which will be provided to delegates. Note that places for these events may be more limited than for the conference itself. Some evening events may be bookable free by delegates and non-delegates, via links (when available) here.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend any EVA London Conference, please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters. We understand that a small number of delegates may require proof of attendance. If needed, this can be provided by Kerry Wear <> at the BCS.

In case of issues with EVA London Conference registration or ordering the EVA London 2023 proceedings, please email Kerry Wear at the BCS on

Registration costs

For delegates’ planning purposes, registration costs are available on the EVA London 2023 Eventbrite registration page.

We have tried to keep the charges as low as possible but to cover our costs.

Some evening events have a separate registration, including:

EVA International session “Music and Artificial Intelligence“, 6pm-7.30pm BST, Tuesday 11 July 2023. Free in-person/online Eventbrite registration.