EVA London 2023 was a hybrid event, online using Zoom and physically at the BCS London office, from Monday to Friday, 1014 July 2023. Registration information was also available online. All times in the programme are provided as UK local time (BST  British Summer Time). The following is a summary of the programme:

  • Full conference programme: Five days of presentations on a wide spectrum of themes and topics, with distinguished keynote speakers. This includes:
    • Keynote speakers: Daily speakers from Tuesday to Thursday.
    • Symposium: Chaired by Tula Giannini, with three speakers on the theme of The Digital Lens on Monday 10 July 2023.
    • EVA International: Chaired by Terry Trickett on the evening of Tuesday 11 July 2023.
    • Research Workshop: Student presentations, chaired by Graham Diprose on Thursday 13 July 2023.
    • Demonstrations: Informal more interactive presentations, in addition to more formal paper presentations, chaired by Sean Clark.
    • Panel: Discussions by participants at the end of the Symposium.
    • Presentations have been recorded on YouTube. See also the EVA Archive, part of the Computer Arts Archive for earlier conferences.
  • Evenings: There were evening events during 10–13 July 2023 (separate registration will be required for some events; details will be provided to delegates), organised by the Computer Arts SocietyEVA International, Art in Flux, etc. Some evening events can be booked free by delegates and non-delegates, via online links (when available) below, by default at the BCS London office:
  • Lisa Zainuddin's Workshop demonstration of Augmented Reality

    Lisa Zainuddin’s EVA London 2022 Workshop AR demonstration

    Workshops: Longer workshops on Friday 14 July 2023 (with separate registration required and further information/timing provided to delegates). In parallel, an event for students is planned (more information to follow).

The detailed EVA London 2023 programme is available as a PDF file, one page per day. The programme was subject to minor changes and revisions depending on the availability of speakers, online vs. physical presentation, technical issues, etc.

Note that the EVA London 2023 proceedings are freely available online – see DOI 10.14236/ewic/EVA2023.0 with links to individual papers. The proceedings are also available on DBLP, which is an alternative way to access individual papers. The proceedings are available in full colour in printed form at the conference and by post to those that have ordered them as part of registration, as well as being open access online.